Tuesday 9 May 2023

Considerably nicer than our house

 We take some pride in our house, especially after the extension that was completed last year, however we have considerable house envy of our daughter's new friend's house.

We popped over for a play date / bbq on Saturday and had a lovely time. 



April did some stalking and found the full  listing Wateringbury - Graham John

It's probably not to far off the value of our house after the works,  but what a house.  They are sacrificing living next to amenities as there's not much in their village and they more or less have to drive everywhere but more importantly there's no pub in the village.  But what a wonderful house.  It's certainly got me thinking.

All that aside.  We're about to get the back garden landscaped in the next couple of months which will be nice for the summer.  Loads left to do other than that too but nothing urgent.

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