Tuesday 25 July 2023

Stag, more enjoyable than expected

 My rugby mate is getting married later this year so I was invited to his stag.  I went to his first stag the day we bought out house.  One divorce later I went on his second. 

We played mini golf at a place called Swingers (there's another in the city near me) and it was good fun.  I think I finished mid table.  

We ended up in a downstairs cavern bar on Frith Street, Soho.  One of the stags old school friends is a wine buyer so managed to get us into a fancy bar.  7 or 8 bottles of wine later (£80-120 each), he paid thankfully, I escaped and staggered of to China Town for a lovely meal.

My other rugby friends that were invited couldn't make it for various reasons so I was there with his old school friends (private) and one of his fellow police officers.  I've met them all before as I went to his previous stag and reception but was a bit apprehensive as they'd all know each other and thought I might be left on my own.  But it was good fun and they all made me feel welcome

Wine list

Yum, yum!

His reception is in September, but in London so trying to get my Dad and his wife over so that we can stay out.  We'll see.

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