Saturday 23 December 2023

First alfresco charge

 I drove my Dad and his wife Ann back home to Weldon yesterday after a couple of nights stay.  The car fully charged has a range of 210 in the winter so I was going to need a charge.  

Something went wrong with the overnight charge, so we only had 70% charge to get us the 126 mile journey.  

The app provided with the charging point installed on the house pointed me to the big Tesco in Corby so got there and plugged it in (12:30).  All went smoothly till it said the estimated time to fully charged would be 9:30pm!  So I looked at other options.  The Tesco one was only 7kwh so found a 50kwh in the Travel Lodge.  I charged for an hour and a half then headed home.  Urgh!  A little better planning is needed I think!

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