Monday 19 July 2004

Long weekend break to Jersey

Just had a pretty wicked weekend in lovely Jersey.

Wow! The place is fabulous. Best weekend in ages. I went over to see my good friend Shaheen.

Friday: House party round a Kiwi nurses place. Very good fun indeed. Then moved on to the doctor's mess where we played a bit of pool.

Saturday: Ferry trip to St Mayo, France. Very similar to St Michelle (You've been there Ben). I bought a few paintings for my room. Later on we went to a couple of bars, one of which had a live band. Best band i've seen for a while. All covers but all well done. Then on to a club, and then back to the mess for more pool.

Sunday: Beach walk then barbecue on the beach, got pretty burnt but it was worth it. Then on to another few bars then onto another club.

Monday: Excellent fish resuarant for lunch, then went to a driving range to smack a load of balls, all good fun.

Just got to the airport and guess what.

My return flight was booked for next Monday!!!!!! Shit! BA had no more flights going to Gatwick so i've got to fly to Coventry. I didn't even know they had an airport. Good thing was that it's only £60. Could have been worse!

What a complete and utter numb nuts!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to try and catch a train tonight back home but may have to get up really early to commute in.

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