Friday 23 July 2004


A high of 28 yesterday if a little too muggy resulting in a spectacular scene of thunder and lightning last night, wow! Silly me, in my excitement left all of my skylights open and quite a bit of rain got in. Brings a new meaning to sleeping on the wet patch.

Just been out for lunch with my brother Steven and will be out tomorrow night in a new pub he's found near him in Clapham. I shall certainly sample a few beers, a few ciders and a few shots. I've not had a drink since Sunday which is a probably my longest time without a beer since puberty.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a specific type of major depression, one which reoccurs at specific times of the year.

The doctors have it all wrong. It doesn't happen because it's less sunny in the Winter months, it's because it's much colder in those months. Women are notoriously sensitive to the cold weather and insist on having the heating turned on full blast for 75% of the year. On these 'cold' days women wear much more clothing making everyone else unhappy.

Bring on global warming and turn all thermostats to high. This is the Summer and i'm happy.

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