Friday 15 October 2004

Dundee Utd 3 games from winning the Scotish Premiership

After leading Northampton to 2 successive championships and into the Coca Cola Championship (old division 1, very old division 2) I decided I had accomplished all I could at the sixfields stadium. The Dundee Utd board offered me a challenge. Keep Dundee Utd away from relegation.

Not only did I manage that but I also got them qualified for Europe.

The next season was tough. Given a mere £800k transfer budget I had to survive on my wits alone.

After a year and a half in charge of Dundee Utd, I am 3 games away from a historic event.

Neither Rangers nor Celtic will win the Scottish Prem!

I feel next season one of the big boys in the English Premiership may be knocking on my door. Or perhaps I'll try my luck on the sunny beaches of Spain.

Watch this space (or not) for an update of the life and times of Stuartini Clarketti Italian manager extraordinaire.

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