Wednesday 13 October 2004

Last night...

Played a little CM with Dundee Utd before Harriet cooked peppered rump steak for me last night. Very nice indeed, although not as nice as Ben's Dad's recipe.

Then we ended up watching Master and Commander. Anybody seen it? A load of w@nk if you ask me.

Bring on A v's P. The reviews are great!

"Fans beware — your fave two sci-fi franchises have been stripped of all their guile and maturity. It may offer the occasional treat, but AvP is sadly devoid of any real thrills." Empire

"Summary: Everyone is a winner in this one - apart from the poor viewer who must endure those annoying human characters for far too long before the real fighting starts. 5/10" Movie Gazette

Oh well, I think if you go to see it with the right frame of mind, i.e. Take in the mindless violence and forget about the story line, i'm sure i'll enjoy.

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