Friday 1 October 2004

The meaning of life...

Being the sad analyst that I am (after all it is my job), one thing that I occationaly do is assign a numeric value to certain aspects of my life as a way to gauge how happy I am.


Friends /10
Family /10
Love life /10
Work /10
Money /10
Weather /10
Flat /10
Football /10
Rugby /10
Is there anything good on TV? /10

Total /100

And then I have a percentage happiness (The Stu Scale).

This usually ranges from 50-85, depending on what mood i'm in.

I wasn't particularly happy one day this week and I came out with the number 42.

More evidence that this world is not real, i'm just here as someone's amusement. Similar to the Bill Hicks sketch with God hiding dinosaur bones in the ground to fcuk with Christian's minds.

Jesus is a prankster!

This actually made me laugh which probably boosted my happiness rating to 42 and a half.

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