Friday, 17 February 2006

Private Eye's Pseuds Corner

“Every day I have a coffee enema. I really love them. I might even be a bit addicted, because they provide this wonderful capsule of time to read or just get some space. I use organic coffee – Fair Trade of course. You can buy a special enema blend which isn’t drinkable, but I usually use Guatemalan, which is. ”
‘A Life in The Day’, Sunday Times

It’s the same with the wonderful Monogram, the stuffed Angora goat Rauschenberg found in an office supply store on 23rd Street in the early 1950s and encircled with a car tyre. One looks at it remembering that the goat is an archetypal symbol of lust, so Monogram is the most powerful image of anal intercourse ever to emerge from the rank psychological depths of modern art. ”

5. When David Hasselhoff goes to donate blood, he declines the syringe,
and instead requests a hand gun and a bucket.

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