Wednesday, 22 August 2007


The Living End

I went to the Electric Ballroom in Camden with April last night to see the Living End. They’re an Australian heavy version of Greenday. Lead guitar, drummer and electric double bass.

Shaheen came along for a few beers and a bite to eat before hand and we also met up with a friend from work and his younger brother.

The venue was cool, much larger than expected. April thought that it would hold 200, but it was more like 1,000. At least half of the crowd were Australian, and at least half of them were red necks that drove Utes, had dingos called Blue and were called Shane.

The band and support act (Gyroscope) were good but a combination of me being old and the fact that I hadn’t heard them before stayed at the back with the comfort of the bar. April on the other hand went straight into the crowd and proceeded to jump up and down for an hour.

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