Tuesday 25 September 2007

Carphone warehouse update, probably not the last for a year

I had an automated call on Saturday telling me that my phone could not be repaired due to water damage and that I would have to claim on my insurance. Fair enough, if that's what's happened there's nothing much I can do about it. It would just have been nice to have been told that almost a month ago when I first took it in.

Luckily I remembered to update my insurance policy with my Lloyds TSB account for the new phone which meant that I was fully covered. All I had to do was pick up the phone and send it off minus the £30 excess.

When I picked it up from the carphone warehouse repair centre it came with some paper work. Luckily I checked as the idiot member of staff didn't. It said "improper repair attempt" That means at some stage during all this time one of the idiots i've been dealing with damaged it. The guy actually had the cheek to see if I was still going to claim on my insurance (still paying the excess).

As it stands he's sending it back to the original place where the first attempt for it to get repaired was made. If I don't hear back by Wednesday I will expect a new phone.

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