Friday, 14 September 2007

Carphone Warehouse Update

Sir / Madam

The side volume buttons and the flash stopped working on my new Nokia N95 so I took it back to the store (Fenchurch) to get fixed.

They said it would take up to around two weeks to repair. Two weeks later I get a call telling me that it was fixed and that I could collect it.

Upon collecting my phone it turned out that it was NOT fixed after all. The assistant offered me no apology and very little assistance. I was told that my best option would be to take the phone to Cannon Street to get fixed at their on site workshop. I did this on 04/09/07.

I called today (13/09/07) to find out the progress of the repair and was put on hold for 5 minutes. I called again and amongst other things put on hold again for 5 minutes was told that the phone could not be fixed in store as suggested and that it was now being sent back to the manufacturers where it could take up to 28 days.

Not only do I have to make do with a seriously substandard loan phone for the best part of 7 weeks whilst still paying a premium price for my handset and line rental I have also had the privilege of having to deal with your unhelpful and sometimes rude staff.

I think the service I have received from The CarPhoneWarehouse has been thoroughly unacceptable. Unless I am compensated substantially for the considerable inconvenience and waste of my valuable time I will terminate my contract.


Mr Blah blah


I have also tried using your on-line complaints form however this does not work either.

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