Thursday 6 September 2007

Phone update

I had a call yesterday from carphone warehouse saying that my phone was returned and that everything was fixed (volume side buttons and flash) and it was free to get picked up.

I picked it up this morning, had a look and the volume buttons weren't fixed. The guy said "sorry" and that I should take it to the Cannon Street branch where they have a team of engineers on site that would be able to fix it.

I thought "fuck it", i'll get no where with him, so took the phone and kept the motorola shit.

I'm back at the office now and have just tried the flash.

Surprise, surprise, it doesn't work either!!! What a load of bollocks! If you haven't bothered fixing it why tell me it's fixed? It's a waste of my time, there time, my patience and a whole lot of bother.

Why did I use them again?

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