Monday 15 October 2007

Just found out the price of my flat.

I thought it would be £350,000+ but my land lady's just had it remortgaged so needed it surveyed She said that it was re-valued at £270,000.

I thought that I was going to be priced out of Clapham but this turns the table a little.

Also we had a look at house prices yesterday in a few estate agents and they weren't that bad too.

Although, together we could get that mortgage (easily), we won't go that high. I really don't see the point in stretching ourselves and end up not having enough cash to actually live.

Hmmm... it's certainly got me thinking (which is a good thing). I still like the idea of having a house nearer to the country with maybe a garden and a few trees but that comes with additional costs too. We'd need a car, an extra £1,000+ (each per year) transport.

All things to think about, it's a big decision so probably wise.

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