Tuesday, 2 October 2007


We flew into Shannon Airport at around 3pm on Friday and drove to Limerick in our hire car. It was a Kia cee’d (or something like that). And although an automatic was actually very good, in fact quite quick if you thrashed it…

Our hotel was very good and was around a 10 minute walk from the centre of town so we dumped our stuff and had a wander in. The England game was on later so we had to find a pub that wasn’t too anti-British.

We managed to find one, it wasn’t too difficult actually as the Irish love there rugby and they were all extremely friendly. After much Guinness was consumed we ended up going for a Chinese.

We headed out to the Moor Cliffs on Saturday morning then drove to some caves to look at the stalagmites / tites. In the evening we watched some more rugby, Scotland and Wales games and had a load more Guinness.

Sunday was quiet, we went to the airboat museum (don’t ask, or laugh) then onto some village prison thing. There we met a mad Irish lady who run the place and ended up getting free cups of tea. After this we headed back for the Ireland game and more Guinness.

We flew back yesterday afternoon, and although I had a good time am glad to be back.

I think the highlight of the whole weekend was spotting Cheryl Baker on the Ryan Air flight over to Shannon. This was made all the more hilarious as there was a driver waiting for her at the arrivals lounge. Spotting this, a group of 20 + drunken men waited for her cheering “Cheryl, Cheryl , Cheryl…”. Very funny indeed. She took it well though.

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