Monday 15 October 2007

National Environmental Blog Day

According to Live Journal it's national environmental blog day today.

They want to raise awareness about the state of our environment, so by getting everyone to write on this subject the world becomes a better place.

I think I’m generally good when it comes to doing my bit.

- I use public transport
- I recycle most of my rubbish
- If I can I try not to use plastic bags, and will make an effort to use my bags for life more often.
- I’m quick in the shower
- Try not to print things if I don’t absolutely need to

I have flew quite a bit over the past year (Hong Kong, New York, Spain, Helsinki, Limerick) and that’s probably only going to get worse seeing as I’m due to go to Australia next Christmas with April. But generally, overall, I think I’m making a small imprint on this world. Carbon footprint related imprint that is, not social or being fantastic imprint (or the size of my arse print, before anyone else mentions it).

I will keep trying to improve and continue whinging at people that don’t.

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