Tuesday 8 January 2008


April’s company has an office out in Monaco, some of their staff needed training so they sent April out to do it. I tagged along to carry the bags…


The weather in Monaco was generally good. When in the sun it was actually quite hot. Hot enough for a ginger. I think we stood out as coming from Britain, everybody else seemed to be wearing thick coats, gloves and scarves. All we had on were t-shirts.

Dogs and fur coats

Every other woman in Monaco had a stupid little dog on a lead, the others wore expensive fur coats. At first I thought this was extremely cruel and as if they had totally missed out on the practice of wearing fur as a fashion statement. In reflection I hope that they are just really good at recycling and whenever one of their tiny dogs die they add a little bit more to their coat.


This was another strange thing to me. Every woman. And I mean EVERY woman smoked. The first we saw of this was in a random Italian restaurant that allowed people to smoke inside. It turns out that all restaurants and bars allow this. It’s been a little over 6 months since the UK ban and it already seems alien to me.


I knew Monaco was going to be expensive but nothing prepared me for the cost of beer. The most expensive we found was in our hotel bar.

11 Euros per 'pint' (500 mls) in our hotel bar whilst waiting for April. That equates to 9 pounds and 21 pence per full pint. Jeez!


All that being said, the place is still very nice, but in my mind simply has too much money. The gulf between what I’ve seen here in London is vast. And my ambitions of being ‘rich’ have been set back a couple of decades.

This made me chuckle too

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