Monday, 21 January 2008

Car Shopping

I’m buying a house with April this year and in order to get around whilst hunting a car would really be useful. So we have decided to get ourselves a car.

I’ve been driving for 10 plus years but this will be my first car. I’ve simply never needed one. When I was home I could always borrow my parents cars, when I was at uni I couldn’t afford one and whilst I’ve been in London it would have been a waste of money.

We’ve decided on an MX-5. The simple reason being that we want something a fun before we have to settle down and buy a boring people carrier (no offence Kris).

We’ve been using the autotrader website and have found it very useful. And off the back of this we went car shopping on Sunday. One was at a Mazda dealership, the other was privately owned.

April test drove them both and feels more closely attached to the trade car. It would also come with a full years MOT and warranty. Both are will to take offers but we think given the extras thrown in we’re confident we can get the bargain we want.

The loan money has come through so are ready to make an offer. The dealer said he would give us a call so we’re happy to do that rather than seem overly keen and get less of a deal. One look outside tells me that they won’t have many people looking for a convertible in this weather so fingers crossed we can knock a few grand off the asking price.

The car needs taxing which will be annoying but I think we can get this done once we know the car registration. Same with insurance but all this can be done without too much pain.

The toughest part is parking. We have to go in person to sort it all out. We need to take all of the insurance details in with is too so there will be another delay whilst waiting for the certificate to come in though the post.

If everything goes to plan we’ll have the car on Saturday.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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