Saturday, 17 May 2008

My new house

I move to my new house on Friday next week.

Here it is, it's a three bedroom detached house on a quiet street in Tonbridge.

We are pretty much all set to move, we've taken the day off from work, hired a van and hired three friends (paid in beer and bbq'd food).

We really cannot wait. I think we've got ourself a complete bargain!

This is the garden (really?), through the undergrowth you can just about see the garden shed. This will be mine, and is where my home brewery will live. April has 'baggsied' the third bedroom to use as her study. We'll probably end up buying some sort of futon for it so that when you guys stay over next, you won't have to sppon each other in the spare bedroom.

As you can see the house as a whole needs a little updating, a lick of pain here, new flooring there, but I think it's perfectly livable for the time being.

First on our list will be the hideous stenciling on the kitchen walls and the horrific pink wall lampshades in the living room. Once switched on these lights have a wonderful red light district feel about them. And for some reason have been fitted with a dimmer switch. "How much brothel lighting would you like this evening darling? Hmm... about two thirds..."

Last but no least is our view, we're three quarters up a large hill, which and great for our buns of steel but I am not looking forward is great for the scenery to the walk home after a long day at work.

This post is for the benefit of Mr Corr


  1. Your first comment on your first post of the first day of your new life...

    Mate - I really like the house. Love the style. Can't see too much of the interior but probably best that it needs a bit of work: there have been too many house doctor programmes and every redecorated house in the country is in 3 shades of greige...sorry..."neutral decor"! Well done.

  2. Cheers James, only 5 more sleeps!!! I'm currently cellotaping up boxes and stuffing them with cds and books.

  3. 'Ave you noooticed 'how books and cds magically multiply when you start packing them into boxes? You think "that's a shelf of books: they'll go in one box. Then five boxes later you're still stuffing them in.

    And I have now worked out what "sleeps" is. I thought sleep was what you did at work.

  4. I'm buying one of those dulux paintpods so you cna always borrow it to help with painting

  5. I don't know what a paint pod is. What's wrong with a paint brush?