Sunday, 18 May 2008

Last weekend in London

My friend Ross came down to London this weekend, I haven't seen him for ages so it was great to catch up. He had a spare seat in his car (MR2) so I invited Ben down too. The arrived at about 2pm and we went straight to the pub to grab a bite to eat and to watch the FA Cup final.

My sausage and mash was excellent but the TV reception was terrible. They only had a portable aerial so the picture kept jumping. At half time we bought some beer and watched the rest back at mine.

This was also my last Saturday in London, or at least last Saturday whilst living here. We ended up going to a bar called the Crobar . This was not April's first choice of venue...

To give you more of an idea as to what the place was like as we walked in the first song we heard was by Metallica.

It was full of guys (a few girls too) who were far more METAL than me, but it was a friendly atmosphere none the less.

A highlight for me was reading the amusing graffiti on the walls whilst walking down to the toilet. I had to take photos of them as they were so grotty.

Shaheen finally arrived at gone 9 after a washed out barbecue and so too did Tim and his old band mate Al. I left at about 1, and am glad of it now, Shaheen was keen to stay on but that would have been a bad idea as we'd already been drinking for 11 hours. An extra 2 or three would have done no good.

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