Saturday 7 June 2008

Brewmaster Clark

It has been a long term dream of mine to produce my own beer / cider and now that I have having plenty of space in the new house I thought i'd give it a go.

I was initially going to use the garden shed as my brewery but that's still full of evil looking spiders so for the time being I am using a utility room cupboard.

I ordered the kit through this site was recommended by my friend James from work. He's used them many times before and certainly likes his beer so I take his word highly (only on the matters of beer and the drinking of beer, sorry James).

The delivery took 4 days (including the weekend) and luckily as we were at work at the time one of our nice neighbours signed for the box.

I've had a busy week after work so I left the brewing to the weekend. In all it probably took about an hour although this nearly ended in tears as we got to the end of the mixing process and found we were two key ingredients missing. Yeast and 'special nutrients'.

April tried calling the company but no one was at home then we looked at the syrup container and gave it a shake. The two sachets were hiding in the secret compartment at the bottom. Phew! Brewmaster Clark's cider and beer empire nearly toppled at the first hurdle.

You will be able to sample the cider yourselves at our inaugural summer barbeque.


  1. Food poisoning and alcohol poisoning...count me in

  2. Excellent! Good man. You and Kirsty have just bumped Ben out of our spare double bed.

    Sorry Ben...