Sunday, 1 June 2008

A week in Tonbridge

We moved into our new house on the 23rd with very little fuss. Ben, Kris and Ian came down to help out and a big thank you goes out to them. It is amazing how much rubbish you can accumulate when living in a small London flat. I dread to think about ever having to move from this place.

A couple of days cleaning and hoovering made the place livable but there were still a handful of things to get sorted out. We couldn't get the boiler to work so we had no hot water for a week. We have a few locks including one for the side door that we have no keys for so we need to get a locksmith in. The water is now hot and the locksmith failed to turn up.

I have also been waiting all week to get Sky fitted, in truth i've been waiting since August 2007 since I moved out of the Putney flat. My landlady wouldn't let us get a dish fitted in my last flat in Clapham and Virgin was yet to get installed on the street.

This was my main priority so we booked it a few weeks in advance to get it installed soon after the move. The engineer game round on Saturday and sucked his gums. He spotted the tree in our back garden straight away and said we wouldn't be able to get a dish unless we hired someone to install an extending pole to give clear line of site to the satellite.

Here's the tree, the bane of my weekend. Even if I wanted to (and I don't), I couldn't get the tree cut down. We half own it with our neighbors.

It would be a week before I could get a guy round and then another few to get the sky guy round once more. This would probably involve two separate days off work which i'm not willing to take so we're going to get Virgin.

Sky: Sky 1, better interface, cheaper
Virgin: On demand, HD, free Setanta sports

Overall they are much the same. Another two weeks to get installed though so we now only have 3 channels as for some reason we can't get any freeview reception.


  1. You only had 1 van full! To be honest anything you miss on sky one you can still download.

  2. It would have been a lot for just one person, and it was very crammed in there with Ian's expert packing. 24 and Malcolm in the Middle were the only bits i've missed.

  3. And there's always BBC iPlayer mate.

    Glad you've settled in well mate. Good luck for the new house and the new blog. I'll be down soon to check the place out - next week might be a bit soon but try and find some good local pubs with football just in case. Better start my essay I guess...