Thursday 12 June 2008

Finger progress

I had my finger operated on 2 months ago, I Injured it playing rugby back in February 2007 but it never healed. Usually after a couple of weeks the swelling would go down and it would be fine, but it never did.

After a couple of months of nagging from April and me wincing from getting change out of my pocket I went to get it x-rayed. It wasn’t broken (I also got my pinkie x-rayed too, not broken), but needed to get looked at. My doctor recommended I had some physio, so being a member of BUPA I booked in to a local one in Putney.

After a month of physio, and exercising the joint, she recommended I saw a specialist, I had to go and see my GP first to get that signed off by BUPA but eventually I got an appointment to see a Dr Davy in Wimbledon. He told me that it could take up to 9 months for an injury like that to heal so I had to wait again. All the while continuing with my exercises, although not massively vigilantly.

It was no better in the new year so I saw my specialist again. He x-rayed the finger once more and said that the damaged soft tissue had turned into bone. Not an uncommon problem but would require surgery to fix. It was still during the rugby season and I was also off to Australia for a few weeks so I decided to sort everything out afterwards. Here’s what it looked like after the operation (above).

I went to a new physio (Putney’s too far away now) in the city and she was rubbish. She actually yawned on more than one occasion during my appointments and was always checking the clock. I decided to stop (even though it wasn’t my money I was spending), as it was such a waste.

I was supposed to book an appointment with my specialist a month ago so that he can check out my recovery but with the move and everything I’ve not sorted it out yet (must to tomorrow). He’s over in Wimbledon so it’s a pain to get to but I need to get it looked at as although the movement of my knuckle has improved, the pain is still there. Here’s what it looks like now. You can hardly see the join…


  1. But what's the problem? You've always winced getting change out of your pockets.


  2. I'm not as Scottish as you...