Tuesday, 30 December 2008

SC's review of 2008

The year started off in style (or so we thought). April was invited out to run a course out in Monaco, as it was over a weekend it made sense for us both to make a trip out of it so I tagged along too. Other than the Easy Jet flights and a few odds and sods it cost me nothing. Ha, ha. I've been there briefly before and it's a very odd place. The place is stinking rich, and the majority of people there didn't mind showing it. Sadly it had no class.

First car
I've never owned a car, when I passed my test at 17 (first time) I could use my parents cars, I then went to Uni where I didn't need one and more importantly couldn't afford one. When I started working I was in London and I think car ownership there is quite selfish.

We decided to buy the MX-5 as we've got friends who'd had them and said they run forever, are relatively cheap and most importantly are good fun. Sadly our little car died of a gun shot wound in December. A nasty stone flicked up and went through the radiator which eventually caused the car to overheat and blow the head gasket. Our insurers claimed that it was therefore a write off so now we need a new one.

A big highlight of the year for me was our 3 week trip to Australia. I met a load of April's friends and family and a handful of lovely Koalas. The weather was great and the people were friendly. Another surprise was the beer was good too. much better than the stuff we import.

We bought our first house in May. That was stressful but it's certainly been worth it. I can how truly call the place where I sleep my home. It's taken us a little while to fill it up with stuff and there's certainly a load more on April's list (sounds like a Spielberg film) but we'll get there in the end. By that time we'll be looking to find somewhere else though.

4 Weddings
We had four lovely wedding this year and have four more next year. I guess i'm just getting to that sort of age where it all starts to come together. Don't worry April and Cilla, I have no plans for marriage just yet.

I took April to her first Reading Festival. Good fun and mostly dry. Great bands and great company. It was spoilt by me being ill for the majority of it but what are you going to do? Maybe drink less???

I was best man at my friend John's wedding so off we trotted to Barcelona on the stag do. It also coincided with my birthday so it was an extra long weekend. Urgh!

Here's a little snippet from my speech

Being asked to be the best man is like making love to the Camilla Parker Bowles……
It’d be a great honour,
But nobody really wants to do it! ...

New Rugby Club
I joined Tonbridge Juddians in September, i've only played about 5 or 6 games so far this season but the guys are a good bunch, and i've mostly enjoyed it. Sadly with all the other bits and pieces I get up to at the weekend I can only play every other weekend at best. I'll try and change that for 2009 as I can't see myself playing for many more years.

New Job
I rekindled my interest in moving jobs after the house buying and after a short while found an ideal role the new place. I've really enjoyed my first 3 months and am looking forward to learning more bits and pieces about insurance and meeting some more new people.

My personal highlight was the purchase of our two lovely cats Poppet and Biscuit. Both are really friendly and have their own unique personalities. In short they're the best cats i've met.

We had good fun over the weekend. Nice and chilled out holiday with good friends and a nice little bit of Autumn sun before the Winter kicked in at home.

I had a flying visit to Edinburgh to see Tim. Lovely city and it was good to see Tim and his buddies.

Things to look forward to in 2009

Another new car...
A new sportier MX-5

Paying off debt
I can now earn more than I spend (it's taken me long enough)

Another 4 weddings
Kris and Kirsty, Harriet and Dan, Peter and Lindsey, and Steve and Jenny.

Home improvement
I'm sure April has plenty planned. I have to say that this is the only thing we argue about. She wants to be far too precise and I want to hit stuff with a hammer.

My 30th birthday
The bash of the century will be on the 31st August. Be prepared.

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