Friday 19 December 2008

Over Qualified?

One of our water coolers has stopped working so our maintenance guys have put up a sign saying

"Please do not use, engineers have been called"

Surely they mean handy man, is an engineer a little over qualified? I think you'd be pretty annoyed if you'd went through 3+ years of university to train to be an engineer only to find out that your chosen course led you to work as a water cooler repair man.


  1. Indeed - this was an issue frequently talked about in the exciting journal of the Chemical Engineering proffesion, 'The Chemical Engineer'. The vast majority of the people referred to as 'Engineers' are nothing of the sort, and fully qualified engineers (like myself, in fact) get annoyed by it.

  2. But surely if the maintenance guys (handymen) have put up the sign then they must feel the challenge is beyond their scope. There are doubtless technical issues not to mention health and safety considerations that require the attentions of a fully qualified and certified engineer. I think Stuart, you are making light of a serious matter.

    Where I work the security guys are not called "security" anymore......still an old bloke asleep at the gatehouse, but they are called "Revenue Protection Officers". I'm not making this up either.

  3. We had this e-mail sent to us by our building manager last week.

    Dear All,
    Please be advised: In order to combat the spread of various viruses within our premises, Building Management will be installing Hand Sanitiser at the entrance to all their properties, to be used when entering the building.

    I'm still not sure if he's being serious or not.