Thursday 18 December 2008

Chinese on the 27th

Our party has now grown to a mighty 12 attendees.

Stu, April, Kris, Kirsty Ben, Ian, Tim, Shaz, Ross, Esther, Dylan and Thingme

If you can think of any more people to invite just let me know. The plan is to grab a beer or two before hand somewhere in Market Harborough, stuff our faces silly with crispy duck and msg then head back to Ross' 'new' house for a few more beers (Although he still has to ask his sister who's living there). Aston said he might be around for the beers afterwards too.

I wait for nearer the time but it might be a good idea to grab a handful beers / drinks before hand and drop them round as I doubt Ross will think ahead and get anything in.

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