Monday, 29 December 2008

No drinking in January

My plan for January is to re-join a gym and stop drinking for the month.

My gym membership stopped after leaving my last job, I did try and join a new one a month or so ago but as chance would have it there was a fire in the gym (the one I was going to join) underneath work that very morning. December's been a busy month on the social side of things so i've postponed it to the new year. I imagine it'll be packed to begin with but i'll persevere. When I was a member of the last gym I did some form of exercise (including rugby) nearly one in every three days. If I can keep that up i'll be back to my superfit adonis body in no time.

As for the non-drinking, this will be tougher as 90% of my social activities involve drinking. I tried it last year and I think I made 4 days. This year i'm going for 31. Tim said he lost loads of weight when he gave up for a month or two so hopefully that'll happen for me too.


  1. Yup, me too. Had two days drinking over xmas and felt dreadful. Feeling awfully flabby and unmotivated. I'm working around the new year so boxing day will have been my last drink and I've sussed out a gym.

  2. Good man. You don't want to have a middle aged spread James...