Friday 2 January 2009


Is it me or is this just a big advert for a huge pub chain?

The Evening Telegraph is supposed to be a Newspaper. BBC's getting worse too.

We've now got a second TV which is great but switching it on in the morning is beginning to annoy me.

Breakfast is not a news programme! I've ranted on it many times before but this morning was terrible. They were running a story about a bored housewife who was fighting the NHS to help people get cancer drugs that were deemed too expensive.

Firstly, the money has to come from somewhere, it's not a bottomless pit of funds. By moving money from one part of the organisation from another means that one part will be short. It's what budgeting is for.

Secondly, when they were talking to people that she'd helped in the past they put some teary music in the bloody back ground!

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