Wednesday 28 January 2009

Mmm, ribs

I'm off here tonight.

If the food is as well made as the website i'm in for a treat.

We're joining Steve and Jenny after their friends can't make the reservation. Unfortunately you need to give them 48 hours notice if you want this delacacy.

Whole Baby Piglet For 8 (48 hour pre-order only) £235.00, we serve butt, snout n’ all; you pull. Served with one of each side dish & a bottle of pink champagne


  1. Hope the food is good! I remember this getting a 1/5 in the Sunday Times!

  2. Indeed

    A Riposte

  3. Well you'll have to post your own review on here afterwards!

    As for the student loans thing, you were able to pay off the remainder? I've got a year to go and can more than likely afford to get rid of it, but didn't think you could pay it off in advance - I'll have to look into this!

  4. It's the cheapest loan you'll ever have (other than a loan from your parents, i.e. free) so if you've got any other debts pay them off first, but as I only had a couple of payments left to make I just did it.

    My graduate loan through my bank ends this year too. If I get a half decent bonus this year i'll pay that off too.

  5. SC Restaurant review
    Chicago Rib Shack

    It was okay. Starters were good, and so too were the ribs. The rest wasn't amazing.

    Service was poor.

    If the food wasn't half price it would have been a bad night, roughly £25 per head or to be more accurite £50 if you were paying for the other half.

    As a meat feast: 6.4 / 10
    As a nice restaurant: 3 / 10