Monday 16 February 2009

Monday morning laugh

For the first time in what seems like ages my train was on time this morning. Even though it's half term it was still busy though so luckily despite being a couple of minutes the train stopped a couple of meters short and I was one of the first in. Result.

I read a couple of e-mails then read our new company monthly news letter. Nothing too interesting or new in there as I watched a web cast from our CEO on Friday more or less saying the same things.

The bit that made me chuckle was a section on Regional News. We have a couple of offices up tut north and they were talking about the credit crunch effecting many of the smaller companies they deal with. That's not what made me laugh. It was the picture along side of a whippet. He, he!

A good start to the week, hopefully it will continue.

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