Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wow, I love the snow

Driving to pick April up from the station the snow was really heavy. It looked just like hyperspace. Cool. Bring on more snow.


  1. Sadly, snow sometimes goes bad.

    Jodie has an interview in Chelmsford tomorrow (it's a jobn based in Scotland, but they want her to go to an assessment centre in Essex), so she flew down this evening. The plane was supposed to leave Edinburgh at 1910 and get into Stansted at 2030. Sadly due to snow they landed at Gatwick at 2210, then said the coaches they'd organised couldn't take them to Stansted. They seem to have changed their minds, but she'll get to Stansted after 0100, then there's a bus at 0130 to Chelmsford, and she'll be in the hotel for 0230 at the very earliest. What a laugh eh?

  2. I bet Jodie doesn't love the snow.

  3. And it turns out that '0230 at the very earliest' was actually 0510. Hope they have plenty of coffee to hand at the assessment centre!