Monday 30 March 2009

Yeah for a bonus

I had a meeting with my boss this morning to talk about pay and bonuses. And it went very well indeed.

A month ago I wasn't expecting anything as it's only for the work I did in 2008 (3 months), but during the appraisal process my boss told me i'd be getting a little bit to recognise my hard wok. Excellent I thought, an extra £500 would be lovely. For some reason the powers that be have deemed it necessary to pay me more, a lot more. He, he!

Although after income and April tax (new downstairs floor fund), it's not in the millions it's a very nice surprise. I'll treat myself to something special but then pay off my graduate loan (an extra £205 a month) and with the rest pay off some credit card debt.

I haven't had a bonus since March 2006. Result!

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