Tuesday, 24 March 2009

We've got a bleeder!

I've just given blood for the 20th time. It was a little exciting for a minute or two straight afterwards though. Having sat down to get my free tea and biscuits (the only reason I do it) the tea girl spotted that i'd started bleeding again. Eek! No real panic but there was quite a lot of fussing by the nurses afterwards.

In all I was out of the office for an hour and a half, only two minutes of that was for the extra blood donation. Last time I went it was similar too. It's quite poor, as you actually book a time slot and in theory should go straight in. If everything goes to plan you should get back to your desk in 30-40 mins. I was waiting in reception for over 30 mins before they tested my blood for iron.

On a lighter note they do have some great buildings to collect their blood. This time I was in the Fishmongers Guild. It's right on the Thames next door to London Bridge and basically a huge stately home.


I’ll post a picture of the inside if I remember.

P.S. If you don’t currently give blood please make an effort to sign up and start donating.


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