Monday 16 March 2009

I have a cold

For the last few mornings i've felt not quite right, I thought it was maybe hayfever so this morning a took a tablet. Over the course of the day I think it's turned into a cold.

I'm blocked up, snotty, sneezy, have watery eyes and have a bit of a fever. Those that know my out of work schedule this week will know that i'm supposed to be going to the theatre with April later today may be suspicious.

But I truly am coming down with something. Hopefully April can replace the irreplaceable for the evening.

On a related note I’ve just popped out to buy some lemsip, my usual trick is to overdose on them so perhaps that will do the trick. I’ve just been to the kitchen to boil the kettle but it appears to have gone missing. That left me with a dilemma. Do I use cold water? Or do I use one of the automatic tea sachets and mix it in? Luckily I saw someone getting hot water from some sort of urn so I just used that.

Interesting fact of the day: The directions on the back of the box of lemsips state that they are for oral use only…

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately April couldn't find anyone to take my place yesterday so I turned up for the show.

    We decided to toss a coin to see whether we went or not and it wasn't to be.

    The tickets were freebies from work so there's no real loss but April was disappointed.

    Sorry April, i'll make it up to you when i'm better.