Sunday 11 April 2010

Fashion guru Stu

During my time off I did a little clothes shopping. I hate doing it but needed a few more t-shirts so went to Diesel in Covent Garden. Anyway, later in the week I put one of them on, I looked in the mirror and noticed a small hole in the neck.

I thought bugger, that means that I have to go back and get it replaced. More hassel. I didn't know when i'd next be over that way so would have to make a special trip just to replace something. Great.

April suggested we go to Bluewater (Huge out of town shopping center 30 mins drive away), it had a Diesel shop and we needed to get some birthday presents for some friends so that solved both problems.

On explaining to the member of staff my problem she laughed and said that she'd had three people in the week complaining about the same problem. It's part of the design. Doh!

To give me some credit I did double check with April to ask her if that was part of the fashion but she too said no so i'm not totally stupid.

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