Monday 19 April 2010

What great weather

I took April to Bristol on Saturday to visit one of my old uni friends and his heavily pregnant wife. As the weather was so good we had a bbq for lunch then headed into the city for a couple of drinks by the river and to look around a few of the areas where I used to live. After a few more drinks in the sun we ended up eating in a nice Chinese restaurant before grabbing a cab and driving back to his village.

His wife left us midway through the evening as she had a baby shower organised for her at a friends house. She wasn't back when we arrived so having been a very long day we went straight up to bed for some much needed sleep.

An hour or so later his wife turned up and found to her dismay that her husband had bolted the door leaving her with no way to get into her house.

She called his phone. But it was left in the kitchen.
She threw stones at the window. He didn't wake up.

Then she remembered that she'd left one of the side windows open so she clambered her 8 month pregnant body through the window.

He is no suitably in the dog house!!! Ha, ha. Silly boy.

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