Monday 19 April 2010

I forgot to say

On my recent trip to Glasgow last month Hardeep Singh Kohli of The One Show fame (no longer) was on the same flight. It was obvious that he didn't want to chat though, he was wearing shades and earphones for the entirety of the waiting lounge / flight.

Other famous people I have spotted in the last 10 years include Jarvis Cocker, Michael Winner, and Darius


  1. I've also seen Lezo (spelling?) from Newsround in a bar in the West End.

  2. And Peter Postlethwaite in another bar. I know all the celebs.

  3. Ian Hislop in Tunbridge Wells, he was there to see Ross Noble, Gary Newman in Tunbridge Wells Odeon who was sat behind me whilst I was watching Batman (the lastest one) and finally for now Andy Fordham the once fat darts player.