Tuesday 17 August 2010

Idiots on Trains

You've seen Snakes on Planes, now there's Idiots on Trains.

On my daily commute I occasionally see someone who's brought their laptop home with them so that they can do so additional work on their journey.  Sometimes someone's just watching a film or playing a game however.  This week I saw a guy playing the new Starcraft game and he was a complete and utter idiot.  He was about 40 and was clicking away like made on his laptop but time and time he was making the same stupid mistakes.  The whole point of the mission was to harvest more resources than another rival but instead of concentrating on that all he did for the entire journey was to fart around getting all his units slaughtered.  He'd then restart and do the same.  Again, and again and again.  I was half tempted to pick up my book and scalp him round the head but I managed to resist.


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