Monday 2 August 2010

Quiet weekend, nice and relaxing

After a very hectic weekend the weekend before I was still absolutely shattered last Friday so I headed straight home.  There's never anything on TV on Fridays (at least for my niche demographic) so I decided to start playing Mass Effect 2.  I hadn't finished the previous one yet but it was so long ago that I last played I thought I'd just go ahead and play the sequel.


Although I play it on easy it really is a great game.  Most of the missions are well thought out and the character interactions are some of the best out there.  Anyway, I mostly played that this weekend and got a good 10+ hours in.



In addition to that I went round my captain's house to watch Australia lose to New Zealand.  Great game.  Very brutal.


I also took April out to Carluccio's


Then on to Tunbridge Well's Hotel Du Vin for a very nice Zinfandel.  Apparently the Hotel has it's own vineyard out the back…  this surprised em as it's smack bang in the middle of Tunbridge Wells.

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