Friday 17 December 2010

Failed my exam boo

I failed my Aviation and Space exam. Boo! Not by much, but still a
fail. It's not the end of the world but it has annoyed me. I'll have
to consider if I want to continue. I think i'd certainly have to put
in some of my own time in order to be confident of a pass and I really
don't want to do be doing that.

Other reasons for failing...

1) Ages since I did a written exam (nearly 10 years)
2) I booked the exam late so didn't have time for the material to sink in
3) My handwriting is unreadable
4) Didn't study enough (recommended 100 hours, I did around 30, the
previous ones recommended 50 and I did about 25 but passed easily)
5) I'm lazy
6) I'm a dumb ass

It's probably a combination of the above.

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