Thursday 30 December 2010

Should I sit on my ass more?

As you may know I have various spreadsheets, each monitor various parts of my life or ‘interesting’ things that I observe. Two of which are my weight and the amount of exercise that I do.

Being relatively short (still taller than April), and having masses of muscle I have a high body mass index (bmi weight in kgs / height in m squared), I would like to get this under 30 i.e. not obese!!! Since I’ve been tracking my weight I have never had a bmi of less than 30. My best is shortly after a nice bout of food poisoning when I was 88.8kg, a bmi of 30.02. Anyway, it is a goal of mine to get under that level and keep it that way.

To reduce my weight I try to exercise, I’m not tremendously motivated and extremely weak when there is a more fun option available, i.e. pub. By keeping track of both weight and exercise I can easily see if my weight is going up too much or if I’m not exercising enough. I have now combined the two and the results are quite interesting.

My weight actually goes when I exercise (I must be buffing up). Doh! If I correlate the data (going back to January 2009 (when I bought the scales)), I have a positive correlation of 0.10. If I do the same on a monthly basis (count the times I exercise and average my weight) it is even stronger, 0.39.

Should I stop exercising? Should sit on my ass more?


I should probably exercise more, drink less beer, eat less / more healthily.  How very boring.

P.S. This analyis is not scientific

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