Wednesday 22 December 2010

New spreadsheet

Not being one to rest on my laurels (not even sure what they are) I
have created yet another new spreadsheet, this one tracks the places
that I boycott. I've mentioned on here before about companies that
annoy me get a punishment of me not using their services for a set
period of time. Well, I now track them.

I think it's fair enough, if somewhere I go regularly for tea forgets
to put milk in my tea then they get a punishment of a weeks non use.
The only reason I go there is because out of the two nearby they add
the milk for you, it's about 10p more expensive but I feel this
service (me being lazy) is worth it. If they don't do it they get a
punishment. Anyway this punishment equates to about £6.50 in lost
revenue for the company.

By keeping track of these simple mistakes and minor / major annoyances
I can directly affect where I spend my 'hard' earned cash. I also have
a three strike rule which means I won't use them again in a year. The
spreadsheet will help to keep track of any accounting discrepancies.
"Did the barman not serve me when it was my turn twice or three
times", I will now know the answer.

Companies of the world be warned.

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