Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Will it rain for my canal boat holiday (stag part 1)?

Probably...  BBC weather only takes us till Saturday and it looks like we're due some more rain.  Boo!  We're supposed to be going to the Speldhurst Fete on Saturday so it looks as though we may get a little damp.  http://speldhurst.org/village/events.htm

Anyway, as a little sneak peak into next week's weather and possible up to next weekend and the canal boat trip i've downloaded a live cloud map (kml updated every 10 mins) for google earth.  Here you can see a bunch of cloud that's currently on us and will be for some time.  More worrying is the next clump in the mid-Atlantic.  That could make for a very wet trip.  Boo!

In addition I can see any nasty hurricanes that are building up off the coast of Africa.  Fingers crossed we're in for another quiet year as my bonus largely depends on it.  That said, a lot of the industry would like a good kick in the balls so that they can get a significant rise to their rates in the renewal season.  Sod that, I just want a good bonus.


  1. We'll just have to batten down the hatches and break out the rum...


  2. I'll bring the rum, you can beat the hatch...

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