Friday 10 June 2011

Aussie VIPs

Last night's wine tasting was good fun although some of the wine pourers were a bit on the stingey side. We soon congregated around the more generous stalls. Mad Fish being one in particular.

There were also some very important people at the embassy attending a different event, in fact there was the Premier of Western Australia who popped down to say hello and possibly a glass or two of wine…

Anyway, after sampling around 25 of the 50 wines available and stuffing myself silly on the canap├ęs we left (they stopped serving wine) we headed back onto the Strand. As we were leaving a tray of discarded name tags was laying on a table near the exit so we had a rummage through to see who else was at the VIP event.

Top of the list was none other than Rolf Harris! We nicked the tag and ran out. He, he!

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