Tuesday 14 June 2011

Podcast fatigue

Over the past few months i've been really getting into podcasts. I'm not sure why I never bothered with them before but I do enjoy a good handful at the moment.

I am currently subscribed to about 10 podcasts, most are around an hour long and update once a week. That's a fair load of hours to sit through. Luckily I have 2 hours commuting time each day and up to 4 hours in the gym each week. However it is quite easy to create a quite considerable back log whilst going through some of their back catalogs at the same time.

I'm also aware that since picking up the podcast bug i've also stopped reading. On my recent holiday in Morocco I brought with me about 5 books and didn't pick one up for the whole trip.

Maybe I should cut back...
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  1. I know the feeling...it's the actual play ones that really eat at your time

  2. 120+ hours is my latest. 3/4 the way through though. Very good. Will be nice to finish though.