Thursday 30 June 2011

I thought Guardian readers were bright

Here's a comment from an article about public sector pensions.
30 June 2011 9:16AM

The Government wants the teachers to retire when they are 78!!
Would you want your children's teacher's to be 78 yrs of age? It could have an impact on the children don't you think.
Cameron reckons we are all living longer - as long as 90 yrs - God Save and Help Us All From This " RAT INFESTED COALITION GOVERNMENT. "

Idiot!  Just think of the children...

Who said 78?  Surely 68?  Some part of your brain should stop your keyboard typing for two minutes and really have a think about what you're about to rant.  78?  Idiot!  78 sounds shocking and really would be a cause for concern for many people.  Me included.  But then I stopped, thought about eagle's statement and then called him an idiot.  The next most worrying part was the fact that he has recruited 16 more idiots to recommend his comment.  Shockingly stupid.

I'm sure I could write a comment on the Telegraph's reciprocal page about foreigners coming over the UK stealing hard working teacher pensions and get a similar response.  But I can't be arsed.

Even so why are public sector workers getting so upset?  An additional 2 years of work is needed to fund their pensions.  Why should tax payers take up the slack?  They have to pay for their pensions and will see similar increases. 

What a bunch of idiots.

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