Friday 3 January 2014

2013 review (of sorts)

Well, what did I get up to in 2013? In no particular order.

New job, I'd been at the least place for over 5 years and had been grumbling about moving on for a while, an opportunity came up at a similar company doing a similar role for more money so I jumped ship. I think it's a little too early to say if I'm enjoying it yet, but so far so good, hopefully it'll kick off some interest in me in the new year as that's been sadly lacking for a while.

New kitchen, after 5 years in Tonbridge we put in a new kitchen and we're very pleased with it. All in all it cost a whopping £17k and took months to complete but it's effectively given us an extra room in the house so when it does come time to move house it should stand us in good stead.

New car, from what could have been a very bad year in terms of cars it turned out to be a very good one. In the space of a week we swapped our old Mazda mx5 (plus a bit of cash...) for a lovely 3.2l Audi TT! A week earlier we test drove the more sedate Mazda 3. Phew... 

Anything else new? Ah yes, my new niece Sophie just scraped in (or out...) before 2014. And a very quiet baby to boot. Steve and Jenny are very pleased with that.

Nice holidays, two main holidays this year. Turkey, for a week then France for two.

Cat trouble, the cats haven't been tremendously well this year, Biscuit with her on going cancer thing and Poppet has developed a bit of arthritis in her knees (do cats have knees?). It's all to be expected though as they're 13 our so now. Bloody things!

What's new in 2014? A two week holiday in Australia next month, a friend's wedding, another friend's new baby, Sonisphere (!), more beer festivals.

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