Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Facebook fatigue

At my peak I had around 550 friends but over the course of the past year or so i've whittled that down to less than 100.  Not for any big brother reason but just because to get to that number of 'friends' I was adding / accepting anyone.  I did have a bet with my brother to be the first one to get to 200 ( I won), but I kept it going.  Changing jobs a few times and joining a new rugby club helped get me to that number

I don't want people I don't really know to have access to my life without interacting with me.  If they want that they can come to my amazing blog...

That said, I don't want people who i've removed from my facebook page to think that I don't care.  I probably don't, but it's just if you want to keep posted on my life get in touch once in a while.

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