Friday, 10 February 2017

Facebook cull

Just culled a load of friends from facebook.

It would be quite Cathartic if I was a Catholic.  If you're desperate, feel free to request an add, but if you've not been materially in touch with me for a couple of years then I doubt we're close friends any more.  And if we're not close friends then you shouldn't really have access to what I get up to.  Although thinking about this in a bit more detail it would drop me down to about 30 people.

I did have over 500 facebook friends at one point.  But that was only so that I could win a bet with my brother.

I've added a fair few more over the years but have now dropped things down to a nice 100.  Again, very sorry if i've offended you (nobody that reads this blog I think), but tough titty.

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