Monday, 20 February 2017

I scored on Saturday!

I've been playing for Tonbridge Juddians RFC since I first moved to Tonbridge back in May 2008.  After a month or two of settling in it was one of the first few things I did.  I joined the local rugby club.  They were a decent bunch of lads, playing at a reasonable standard and I wasn't expected to train.

Now at the grand old age of 37 and a half my captain / coach for the vast majority of that time said last Saturday's game was the best he's ever seen me play.  Ha.

I'm now playing at a level 2 leagues higher than when I started playing for TJs, and I think i've been training less than 10 times in the 8 + years since I joined..  Being a team player I think i'll put it all down to all of the players around me that are dragging me along and making me up my game.

We're now top of the league (with a game in hand) with only 5 games left to play.

2 more home games left next, then 3 away.  The league is certainly in our hands.

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